Marketing organizations have many responsibilities. But the one that rules them all is to gain a 360-degree of their customers. The few that achieve this drive the vast majority of sales opportunities, using data-driven strategies, programs, and applications to target the right prospects at the right time with the right message. Sounds good, but why is this such an elusive endeavor to most marketing teams?

As marketing turned digital, the number of technologies serving the marketing department has exploded from just a few to an average of 90 SaaS applications. The need to consolidate data across these disparate systems for an omnichannel view of the customer is the foundation of successful campaigns. Snowflake is solving this challenge with the marketing data warehouse, which amasses and analyzes all your customer data, eliminates data silos and enables timely, relevant, consistent, and personalized messaging and offers.


With Auritas, activities that required months of work now take no time at all!

Frodo Baggins, Vice President of Marketing


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With Snowflake, CMOs can leverage the cloud to unify their data and access it in real time to drive engagement, lower costs, and increase revenue. Find out more in our eBook.



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